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Mini Airbrush with Air Compressor, Portable Airbrush Kit for Cake Decorating, Craft Tools, Makeup, Painting and Manicure

Mini Airbrush with Air Compressor, Portable Airbrush Kit for Cake Decorating, Craft Tools, Makeup, Painting and Manicure


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  • MULT-PURPOSE AIRBRUSH SET: This airbrush set comes with three different kinds of nozzles, covering needles, fluid tips and air caps (of which, the size of needles respectively is 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5mm) It weighs 1/3 ounce and it proves to be a gravity liquid cup. Besides, it also contains a 1/8“joint and a 6-inch mini air hose.
  • DOUBLE ACTION DESIGN: The trigger can control the size of air coming inside the airbrush and thus, allowing to continuously change the width of line, the range of value and the opacity of paint. It can change the size of airbrush anyway.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The mini airbrush kit is way suitable for both beginners, students as well as senior artists. Due to its unique and special feature, the majority of airbrushing applications and paint spraying media are acceptable. There is a wide application among craft, auto graphics, temporary tattoo, cake decoration, fine arts, manicure and more.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES: We provide you with different sizes of needles (0.2, 0.3, 0.5mm) and air hose. You can use other needles to make the fine mist you need. It can be sprayed on the entire dot painting from fine to coarse texture effect. Different cleaning brushes ensure a thorough cleaning of internal airbrush. Anyway, it can do anything you need.
  • SAFE IN USE: Before using airbrush, please read the manual user carefully. In order to make sure the airbrush works properly, please test it first by using enough water. After using it, you should clean the airbrush thoroughly so as to avoid unnecessary blocking caused by insufficient cleaning.


The mini airbrush set includes three types of nozzles, a 1/8“joint and a 6-inch braided air hose. And the nozzles incorporate different kinds of sizes of needles (0.2, 0.3 and 0.5mm), fluid tips and air caps. The weight is 1/3 ounce and it turns out to be a gravity cup.


With 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5mm needles and air hose of this mini airbrush set, you can also select other needles to create the spray you need. Besides, different kinds of cleaning brushes can help you clean inside the airbrush thoroughly. The air filter can effectively isolate the moisture from the air and make spray effect last longer as possible.


This is the most practical mini airbrush set that is applicable to beginners, students, senior artists and professionals. It can be widely used in most airbrushing applications and paint spraying media. There is no doubt that it is an ideal choice for craft, auto graphics, temporary tattoo, cake decoration and manicure etc.

How to maintain?

After continuously using for 30 minutes, the compressor should be turned off for a few minutes to cool down the mini-pump. Then the compressor can be used again and thus, extending the service life of mini-pump.


1 * Double-Action 0.3mm Airbrushing
1 *0.2mm / 0.5mm nozzles and needles
1 * Eyedropper
1 * Mini Wrench
1 * Airbrush Holder
1 * Air Compressor
1 * Manual
1 * Air Filter Mini
1 * Air Hose
1 * AC Transformer
1 * Airbrush Needle Tool
5 * Needle Cleaning Brushes
5 * Brushes




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